The first question in our mind is – Why ?

What is the necessity to understand our self, We know how to live, we know how to earn, we know how to attract others, We know how to keep our family members happy. We all know that we are brilliants, we are talented, We have a capacity to earn what we required but why we are failing to get success.


What is the meaning of success ?

The same above is the answer, Whatever i mentioned above, if we fulfill all those things in reality we are successful person. When every one know the meaning of success why we are failing to achieve.


What is the achievement ?

A school prize, a graduation certificate or a winner of a game. Is it success, Yes it is a step for success, it doesn’t mean that its a success. We have heard a lot of older champions are doing a smaller work getting less perks for maintaining their lifestyle. Even-though after reaching the success level why it was happened. A college first rank graduate may fail in the life. After getting the success in the college why he couldn’t make an achievement.


Just an instance of this beautiful life- simply imagine

A guy settled in his life with a beautiful wife and a child. no other commitments, Earning a regular monthly income to maintain his family. He was doing a savings as a part of his salary. The days are fine, going smoothly in all seasons, the savings are helping for medical checkups and enjoyment.

One day in the midnight suddenly he awake due to some nightmare and seen his beautiful wife and a child, they are sleeping nicely with charming face. He kissed his child and again slept.

Its unfortunate that the next morning while he is going to office a accident happened, his knee was broke. he was taken to hospital and taken a treatment. His boss, few relatives came and told him to be optimistic and went back. They helped him how much they can.. His savings helped him a lot to overcome some of the problems. Friends helped him to get loans.

After a few days..

The house was looking like a silent valley.. There is no charm.. Just a small accident. Life changed…

We can’t blame this world, Everyone will have his own priorities, his own painful story, his own responsibilities.

If you think you are one great warrior of life and nothing can change his life then don’t read further, be happy. I wish all the success come into your life. But still you feel you want to discover success and to achieve come read, understand, and discover the way of success.

In this beautiful world the success & achievements are just depend on money, the final question asked by everyone is how much you own ?

What do you say !!!, Yes or Not.